/  To Think Without Words


My greatest and primary influence has been that of painters. I look in wonder at their complete understanding of light, shade and their observations on how light plays in our visible world. 

My work is both impressionist and spiritual in nature, and I am seeking to transcend the image as a photo into something broader – an exploration of light and atmosphere. Not just a mere topographical representation, but to embrace the joy and beauty of light. For me, it is to think without words.

My images are created in camera, this is crucial as it enables me to react emotively and honestly at the point of exposure. The importance in understanding that my work is not manipulated in any way via Photoshop cannot be overstated. To do so, for me, would make a lie of my relationship with the landscape. 

Nature never presents a perfectly framed image. The Landscape offers a vast amount of opportunities, a treasure trove of visions. But fundamentally, it is the choices one makes to form the image that reaches the viewer.

I work in one medium to explore another! 

An imagined place.


Tim Laffey


All work © Timothy Laffey 2017


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